APOD retrospective: Sun with solar flare 

This week the Sun gave up its strongest solar flare so far in 2013, accompanied by a coronal mass ejection (CME) headed toward planet Earth. A false-color composite image in extreme ultraviolet light from the Solar Dynamics Observatory captures the moment, recorded on April 11 at 0711 UTC. The flash, a moderate, M6.5 class flare erupting from active region AR 11719, is near the center of the solar disk. Other active regions, areas of intense magnetic fields seen as sunspot groups in visible light, mottle the surface as the solar maximum approaches. Loops and arcs of glowing plasma trace the active regions’ magnetic field lines.

Image credit: NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory

Lucifero, circa 1450-75.From Divine Comedy, version of a 14th century manuscript.Trivulziana library, Milan, Italy.

Peter Vetsch

Chakrasambhava Mandala
Everything we are taught is false. Arthur Rimbaud (via vagabondbohemia)

(via demoniality)

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Wilhelm Freddie - Mysteriedansaren (Mystery Dancer) - 1945 lithograph sheet detail

Illuminations. Rimbaud.

Dentro de mi cabeza hay miles de estrellas dando vueltas
y en mis ángulos los paranes confirmando
Abigail céntrate, que en silencio y trabajándote llegarás… 

Y ya no hay nada que importe más que la voz que se ha de materializar. 

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The Wish (The Fortune Teller) Theodor von Holst ca. 1840